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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
2:32 am
The words seemed to drip sexuality, coming out on a husky pus ths the Irishman leant forwards and traced his tongue down the American’s forehead.
Oooh, yes, the husky pus is oh-so-sexy.

The boy is murmuring weakly and his body is as lifeless as a rug doll.
Excellent. I always love it when a dead character can talk.

Current Mood: weird
Monday, January 10th, 2005
3:24 am
"She agreed to look after the house and the chores in exchange for free bored."
How's the quality on that bored there?

the thought was too painful to bare.
And so the thought stayed clothed.

Current Mood: sleepy
Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
1:08 pm
His hand that had once been moving over Kyou’s groan moved to be stroking his cheek.
So we're covering his mouth?

Yuki had pulled Kyou’s pants down to right above his groan.
Oh. Huh. Maybe not... Wait, maybe he's hanging upside-down and... I'm trying to hard, aren't I?

*revokes the author's smut licence*

Current Mood: predatory
Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
12:54 pm
He picks up the phone and says in cheerily, "Merry X'mas! mushi mushi?"
I... I don't know where to start. However, I will say that "mushi" means insect or worm, not hello.

Hisoka knows what's firework is, and he knows what it looks like, but seeing it is nothing like he ever imagined.
My inner grammar nazi just had a heart attack

"It's amazing. I'm glad that you take me here." Hisoka says.
Yeah, well, I wish he was taking you, too. No wait, with this grammar, I'd be scared to read such things.

Current Mood: mischievous
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
10:20 pm
"Can't bare to leave you waiting there."
So if you leave him, you have to get dressed again?

Current Mood: predatory
Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
8:08 pm
"Why not?" a very pail boy with emerald eyes asked the voice
Pail Boy! That's a job I want!

Current Mood: sick
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
4:52 pm
"That is what "to the pain" means. It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever."

a rant about plagiarismCollapse )
x-posted pretty much everywhere. (i apologize)

Current Mood: out for blood
Saturday, November 6th, 2004
12:01 am
They are drawn to me in the same way they are drawn to me
Wow, are they really? The exact same way?

Current Mood: productive
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
7:17 pm
I take it the full stops went on a vaccation for this.

I showed up at the Nasada Spaceport#2 for the mission to rescue a Planet in a faraway galaxy, With my twin Arabella, and My best Friends Megan, and Julia, on time I was elected leader due to me being the Red Ranger, Walking into the port I saw all the other Women that were to go on this Mission "Good Morning" I greeted the Group "Good Morning" came the reply of everyone else "We can introduce ourselves and have the debriefing inside" I continued as we all entered the ship, We all set our things down and they automatically went to the assigned rooms, silently we all headed to the bridge
Saturday, October 16th, 2004
12:13 am
"Fine. Then go haunt someone who actually gives a care,"

I really damn about my fandom, and they do this to me? Sad.
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
7:26 pm
"You're too kind for your own good." Tatsumi said, making Muraki flinch inside him.
Inside, beside, what's the difference?

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, October 10th, 2004
12:42 am
Her long fluffy natural perm hair reflected the afternoon sunlight from the window beside her, revealing the beauty of nature.
Buy Natural Perm(tm) Hair today, so you too can reveal the beauty of nature!

Current Mood: predatory
Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
1:19 am
Fic posted in a LiveJournal community without a cut tag, sin upon sin.

No matter what, Joan would always be Joan, and the whole family loved her conditionally no matter what.

She'd damn well better not screw up, then, huh?
Monday, September 27th, 2004
2:14 am
it drove a steak through his soul to see the beginning of tears to fall from his eyes.
Rare or well-done?

Current Mood: predatory
Sunday, September 26th, 2004
1:24 am
"We've even brought a present, honey," added Saya, much to Hisoka's demise. "The newest Pink House dress!"
His demise?? I guess that means he's going to die of embaressment!

Current Mood: giggly
Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
11:31 pm
Make a wish then blow them.
Now there's a birthday image!

Current Mood: restless
Friday, September 17th, 2004
4:01 pm
Excuse me for a second gentlemen.
Oh my.

Current Mood: giggly
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
7:38 pm
“I aren’t hurt as bad as you.” Says Hisoka as he helps his sweet-loving partner up.
I don't need to say anything, do I?

Current Mood: giggly
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
3:09 am
Magic was a natural thing in the kingdom, it was sure, but everyone knew…that within the Prince—Tsuzuki the king had named him—lied an immense power.
Tsuzuki the king? Oh dear. And why is the power lying?

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
2:09 am
I felt...soar, but good.
So... soaring is normally bad?

Current Mood: cranky
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