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Get a Beta

or the side effects of not having one

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This community is for posting funny quotes from fan fictions that result from sloppy proofreading. The quotes can be from any fandoms, not just the ones listed. This community is not meant to be mean spirited in anyway and posts/comments are meant to make fun of the errors, not the authors. Because of that, there are a few rules.

1. The source of the quote cannot be identified. Like I said, we’re making fun of the error, not the author. It’s a bit hard to make fun of the author, if you don’t know who it is. There are only two exceptions to this. If you have the urge to share your own errors, feel free to claim them. If you recognize your own sentences, feel free to claim them. At the same time, we aren’t making any money off this, so please don’t flame us over copyright issues.

2. The sentence(s) must be funny due to a typo/poor word choice/grammatical error that a beta would be expected to catch. We aren’t making fun of bad writing. We’re making fun of sloppy editing.

3. We’re after good fun, not clean fun. Because, let’s be honest for a minute, the best errors are the dirty ones. On the other hand, they don’t have to be dirty. But please don’t join if you’ll be offended by off color humor.

4. Please lj-cut long lists of quotes. If your list is longer than one screen, you should probably lj-cut it.

5. We are not limited to the fandoms listed. The fandom list is just the stuff that I'm currently reading or that I know you guys are reading. Bad editing is universal. If your fandom isn't listed, just post some quotes and a note about adding the fandom to interests.

The rules are subject to change as needed.